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Welcome to Shoestring Shipyard where Everyone Needs a Little Dinghy

Stay tuned for a revamped website coming soon. In the meantime, visit the Shoestring Shipyard YouTube Channel.

I would very much appreciate you taking a few minutes to check out the new channel and please “Subscribe” (ring the bell, too), “Like,” and “Share.” This won’t cost you a dime but helps me out tremendously as I try to grow this channel. You will also become eligible for future random giveaway drawings in the future! In the meantime, you’ll still find all the boat-related videos on my Downeast Thunder Creations YouTube channel and website.

Here’s the Link to the new Shoestring Shipyard YouTube channel:

Want free plans for building such things as workbenches, shelves, storage racks, tool benches, and so forth? Check out my Downeast Thunder Creations Youtube channel.

Of course, some of my original boat plans and books for the novice builder will soon be available right here. Thanks for visiting. – Paul B.

What is Shoestring Shipyard? Watch the following video and find out!

Build Your Own Dinghy

Several folks contacted me regarding my “Build Your Own Dinghy” series of 26 steps, averaging 5 minutes each. They basically suggested I should have put out a “trailer” sort of the type Hollywood does when they promote a new movie, so folks could determine if they want to invest the time to watch the whole series of videos.

I thought it was a great idea and I wish I had thought of this myself. SO – I went back to my archives of video clips, and put together a heavily edited, highly condensed, and seriously sped up version of the full set of 26 how-to steps – all stuffed into a “trailer” of just under 3 minutes. Here ya go!